DIY Owl Watercolor Painting

DIY Owl Watercolor Painting

The legendary and mystical owl is regularly associated with Halloween, mystery and horror movies. but these lovely creatures are, in reality, very beneficial to human beings, serving as valuable pest manage. There are about 2 hundred species of owls, however these days we're going to learn how to paint a simple barn owl.

gently draw the define of an owl on your paper.

using your No. eight brush, paint the define of the owl's head with water.

nonetheless the usage of your No. 8 brush, paint over the water with brown paint.

maintain using your No. eight brush to paint the wing with water.

Paint over the water with brown paint, leaving a few random white areas.

Dip your brush and mix brown, pink and black paint together to shape a darker brown (the use of a 1:1:1 ratio). Paint over the wet paint on the head and wing, still preserving the white areas paint-loose.

Dip your brush into blue paint and remove maximum of the paint with water. Paint in areas across the face and chest to add the phantasm of shadows. also, paint in shadows alongside the beak.

Dip your brush in black paint and paint the define around the eyes and beak. Use a stronger awareness of black paint to fill inside the scholars, leaving white regions in both eyes for highlights.

Paint the outer location of the eyes with brown paint. Rinse your brush and use the closing brown paint to paint a few shadows under the eyes and alongside the top beak.

Use dark brown paint and description the form of the forehead with quick, dot-like strokes. Rinse your brush and with the last paint, paint a few high-quality strokes around both eyes.

mix blue and black paint (1:1 ratio) and paint a few irregular feathers at the wing. using the identical coloration, paint little dots at the wings and around the head, and also outline the remaining portion of the owl's body and ft.

Paint small dots with pure black paint along the wing as properly. this will add texture and more detail in your portray.

continue to feature extra element via darkening or adding extra layers of paint.

once the paint is dry, erase any pencil marks and experience your sweet barn owl.

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