How to Make Remote Control Holders

How to Make Remote Control Holders

faraway controls ought to have legs -- they by no means seem to live where you left them. stitch a simple far flung control holder to hold those wandering remotes in a single place. The completed holder will dangle comfortably over the arm of the couch or chair. All it takes is cloth, bias tape and basic stitching competencies. Cotton quilting material is awesome for this challenge, as it is able to be tossed in the washing machine while wanted.

Mark a grid or diamond pattern at the proper side of one of the 30 x sixteen-inch rectangles with the tailors chalk

vicinity the batting between the 30 x sixteen-inch rectangles, right aspects of the fabric dealing with outward. Pin in place. sew the layered cloth together along the marked strains.

sew bias tape to at least one lengthy aspect of the 16 x 11-inch rectangle. Trim the rims of the unfairness tape so they are in spite of the fabric.

Mark 3 pockets at the sixteen x 11-inch rectangle. measure five inches in on each of the fast aspects. this will create pockets 5 inches wide and one pocket 6 inches extensive.

Pin the 16 x 11-inch fabric alongside the short cease of the 30 x 16-inch rectangle. sew through the layers alongside the marked lines to create the pockets.

Pin the bias tape across the outside edge of the faraway manipulate holder. on the corners, create both a mitered or rectangular area with the prejudice tape. Overlap the prejudice tape barely, turning the pinnacle facet beneath.

stitch the prejudice tape in location alongside the edge of the prejudice tape the use of a directly sew.

a way to sew an easy arm chair faraway holder with this diy sewing tutorial. the best fabric far off caddy to help you...

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