Modern Outdoor Glass Art by SWON Design

Modern Outdoor Glass Art by SWON Design

excellent matters may be made if you have the right materials and quite a few imagination.these elements mixed with a stunning landscape create an notable piece of artwork.The design firm, SWON suggests you a few examples.

One example is represented by using the Glass Rock lawn. A pond this is fabricated from stainless steel, rocks and glass. The glass takes the blue and inexperienced colors of water and leaves of the timber and it's far created the impact of a lovely waterfall. Even the shape of the glass is symmetric to the one of the waves of the water.

another piece of artwork is represented by Cascade, a waterfall-stimulated glass wall. it's far fabricated from blue and green glass blocks and based totally on the same concepts as inside the preceding example, to imitate nature however to emerge as an unique work of artwork.

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